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સંત શ્રી આનંદમૂર્તિ મહારાજ

Saint Revered Shri Anandmurtiji Maharaj , a liberated and enlightened devotee was born in the calendar year 1976, (Vikram Samvat 2032, Shravan Sukla Agyaras/Ekadashi) at village Padharia, District Mehsana of Gujarat.. He is the only son of Nanduba and Jaswant Singhji Chavda.

His mother Nanduba had taught him virtues of devotion from his early childhood. Since a very young age, he used to accompany Saints and discuss various subjects on spirituality and divinity with them. At the tender age of just 7 years, Saint Shri Anandmurtiji read various religious books and his realization was that he has studied all these holy books earlier also.